How to blow your Paparazzi Business up in 2019!

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This is a transcription of a video from Marissa's youtube channel which can be viewed here


Good morning well good afternoon. Now it's technically my morning since I went about at 5, am hello, Daisy, whoa, okay, so that must stop, because my little clipper from my phone was actually on the button. That makes my screen go blank so that didn't work right, hi Robin hi Jamie. I have not seen anybody from team hotsie-totsie, yet I know I'm Way behind you guys know that, did you make sure um enhance eat at Z? Ladies, am I in hotsy-totsy. I only see my team okay perfect, because I don't even see hello, there's somebody from hotsie-totsie hi, Cheyenne, ah, of course, right trying to make it so that my face isn't over the comments. That’s better hello, Heather, just giving it a second for people to come on. Hi Lisa um, hello April, I know, is very toes in the wrong one. Michael set it up for me real quick, I'm just gonna give it a couple seconds here and then okay, hi Jessica, and then I will talk to you, ladies about neckwear season. Right, oh yeah, that's probably right mm-hmm, hi Cheyenne how you doing girl. We all went there. That’s probably exactly what it is all the diamond dolls in the house. Um will somebody be? Can you just share it or somebody share it in the team diamond dolls? That way, the girls on our team will know Michael's doing it. Never mind he's on top of it today for me, so I want to get talking about necklace season, alright, Trisha, so obviously you guys, I won the necklace last year. I’ve done this training, so I apologize. If you hear anything, I'm repeating - and I will definitely touch and address some of the questions that I received after my last training but I'll start with how I started and so hi Becky. How I started is this: I actually was a customer go figure right. I was addicted to the jewelry. I watched all the time because you go to a Jewelry Show to get out of your own head and I had a really stressful life. My husband is in hospice at the time he was in and out of hospitals, and I needed to not think about that. So I would go to jewelry shows all the women that are on your shows. We have a camaraderie. The same people show up the same people talk to each other, they say hello to each other, and so I developed a camaraderie with the ladies and my husband eventually came out of that hospital, and I was addicted right. You’re addicted, it's beautiful, it's sparkly, it's gorgeous, and so I then had thought about selling the jewelry, because obviously I couldn't keep up with my addiction because they released the new releases Monday through Friday. So there's a lot of good pieces to get and also I had another business and it depends and thrives on a good economy and we've been thriving in a good economy, and I was worried about a bad economy coming. So what I did is, I said: well, this is a five dollar product and a good economy. It’ll do good and a bad economy. It will do really good, and so lo and behold I ordered my kit. Hmm and the kit arrived, and you know you get all the things and you're going through the planner and my husband and I laughed hysterically when we read about the life of the party, I'm like. Oh, my gosh diamond, like seventeen thousand five hundred pieces of jewelry. I'M like ha ha ha like. I could only wish right and never thought it would be me never thought that I could do it at the time like I knew that I could sell this jury like nobody's business, because it's great jewelry for five dollars. It’s a hundred percent, letting nickel free and the sticker price is a lot less than anything in the stores and people don't think about spending five dollars. It’s nothing! It’s a box of cereal right, so you hit a whole bunch of markets based off of that right. There so I immediately started. I was petrified to go live. It was very, very scary, but I bit the bullet, but in order to do so because I didn't have a team and obviously I didn't have a network I didn't. I was dedicated to my family at the time and as soon as I was married, I kind of cut off a social life. So what I actually had to do is invited every friend hi Chrissy, I invited hey Karen. I invited every single person to like my business page out of all the people that I asked like four hundred and something and my husband had eight hundred and something I think we had 14 people like our business page. So I immediately was able to start getting on the phone, and I told them why I was doing this. You know listen, this is this is something that I really would like to do. I told them about my first live and asked them if they could just like my business page, if they could share it, that would be great but liking. It would be good and if they could just come to my first live and share my video, then that would be exceptional. Like I said you don't have to stay, you don't have to buy, but if you could just help me get my name out there. That is, would be great right, so my first live happens. I think I had six people on and I sold like eighteen pieces of jewelry. I don't think it was over twenty. I not live hi Rena. I went live for about two hours. I think I went through a good portion of my kit, some of the people that had come, that we're just going to share it out and end up buying, okay, because it's like irresistible and so I started building from there. You know at first I was kind of swimming in the waters, not knowing what I was doing, but from day one. When I heard that you could win a necklace named after you, I was like I have to win one of those necklaces every live show that I had. I would talk about how to things I told my customers, my goals. I wanted to win a necklace and I wanted to somehow name the jewelry someday right so um and I kind of laugh about it. I'M like someday I'd have this far off. Look at my eyes, someday I'm going to win that necklace and someday. My goal is, is that I retire and I name the jewelry for paparazzi, because I love the names it's killer right. So it really was key that I always shared my goals with my customers, because guess what? When you share them with your customers, your customers want to make that happen. The people that choose to shop with you like you and they want to see you succeed, and so they will tune in just to see where you are at in those goals and to talk to you and do what they can to help. You friends with lots of consultants and what happened was, as I would message them like what better way to find the ins and outs of a business than by talking to the people that do it, and so I sent out friend requests. Thank you. I sent out friend requests to I just typed in paparazzi accessories right. I found all these consultants, I messaged them, as I friend requested them, and I said: listen, I'm brand new. At the time I didn't know, Lisa was my upline. I said I don't really have a lot of help with us. Um and I said: can you give me ins and outs, and I just I'm gonna, do my first live? I have you know I'm having. How did you get people there? What do you do? All of the really really I mean I couldn't believe the astounding reviews from the consult, some of them my friend requested, and they were no longer consultants and they told me no, I'm not, but you know, stick with us and they would give me pointers right. It wasn't to poach anybody or anything of that nature. It was literally just to get information because I figured why started at ground zero. Let me talk to the people that actually sell this and let me hear what they say, and so I found and through my own practices that consistency was key, meaning you treat your live, like you're, opening up your store every single day right. So if I'm, if I go, live - and I tell my customers - I'm live Tuesday and Thursday, then I make sure Tuesday and Thursday that I am life okay, because they are going to eventually once they get to know you. They are going to set aside Tuesday and Thursday night because they have to see that fabulous new bling. They will set their schedule around it. Their girlfriend calls them to go to dinner, they're gonna say you know what how about we do it Wednesday, because they know my show is Tuesday and Thursday. So consistency is absolutely key right because it's all about them knowing when and how to find you. Okay, hi Christina so when, and how to find you right, Lisa so - and this is how I explain: a live, video and there's several ways to south. But I want to talk about the live, because I know a lot of you guys are scared of the live and the live is the biggest best way to get your video out there? Okay, to get your name to get your face to get to all different parts of the country, I'm not saying don't, sell it on the other way and we're going to talk about different ways to sell it. So your live video! Okay, you are training your customer because that's a huge part of being successful in this lots of people are not tech, savvy glass, hey staff, lots of people are not tech savvy in this day and age, and I'm going to tell you can look at the Analytics of your live videos - and you can see the age group that is watching you and the analytics for me personally - are ages 45 to 65 year old women. I'M gonna tell you that my mom is in that and range. She has never sent a text message in her life, and so I know that you have to train and be consistent and let them know how to find you again. So you need to advertise when you're on your live, even if it's the regular customers. I swear my customers that have been with me a long time. They must hear the same thing over and over and over and over, but it doesn't bother them. They understand why I'm doing it, but I train my customers. You’ll hear me say: repetitively during my show and right now I'm live Monday. What was it was? I'M sorry Saturday, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and so you'll hear me say consistently you can catch me live Saturday, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have a text alert system. I have the text alert so that they can sign up themselves in my messages and then I talked about my website. I have a website. I have 10 thoughts. I had to train my customer and tell them how to shop for me and all the ways that they can, if I have a special going on, if I have a contest going on, I consistently repeat it through my live video, three four five times right so Text alerts like Lisa saying, are the bomb: they are the bomb. Okay, I waited until I had at least 20 viewers and that - and some of us are limited on price range because it's like by inventory or get text alerts right. So I waited to build my audience up and - and I waited later than I should've, because I was probably getting about 40 viewers at that time, so you are training your customer consistently. People say to me and they'll message me only be like. I can't get my customers to shop from my albums. What a lot of you guys don't realize, you're all making the assumption that that customer that comes to you or sees you knows what paparazzi is and has purchased it before. Are you training your customer on how to purchase from your album? This are you writing. Is there something in to your group that says: hey any albums that are posted in this group? Is my current inventory to claim it comments sold or mine and then telling them when you invoice and to send them your email address like if you're not training, your customer, you can't expect them a to find you again be to know how to buy from you And so I've seen a lot of people use pasta, bowls right, and let me tell you my theory on this. I have to take that age group because I know who's consistently getting my notifications, seeing my videos and sharing my videos, so guess what they're sharing them to people that are like them. I have to look at those analytics and figure out how to make it easy for them to buy the easier it is for them to buy the more they're going to, buy the more often they're going to buy from you, but you have to tell them how To find you and then you have to make it easy for them to buy right. So I go live on my business page. I don't go live in a group, I don't go live on my personal page number one. I know a lot of people do a lot of people that are high up in the company do, but the personal page is more or less in my mind and based off of the people that do it. They had a huge following through social media somewhere else. That’s connected to their personal profile. There’s problems with going live on your personal page, a lot of people, don't know the Facebook security settings, and so, if you go live on your personal page, people may not be able to comment if they're, not your friend or if they do comment, they may not See you may not see it as going live, so I think of how rude that looks to them like you're, not responding to them. You’re, not answering. If you go live in your jewelry group, they have to be a member. So then what happens? Is this age group of 45 to 65 has to figure out why they can't comment? Okay, like half of them, aren't going to figure out to message. You they're not going to figure out that they have to join your jewelry group because remember we want to hit a huge market, so these people probably have not heard of paparazzi jewelry. So I personally go live on my business page. I go live on my business page because I can grow my business faster. I can look at the analytics to see who's watching it. I can look at the analytics to see what time of day my posts are. Being seen what posts are getting the most reactions to them? Um I can invite people that have commented or I'm not calm. It’s like given a thumbs up or hearts or anything on my biz and my videos. I can invite them to like my business page, which means when I go live. They get a notification that I'm live, which gives them the opportunity to come into my life right, so the whole key here is: I do this for simplicity. I do not use a post ables absolutely so that automatically on my business page, no matter what they can comment, there's no two-step process, there's no. They have to join my group and then find somebody to message me and I'm live, and I have to accept the request into my group complicated right and, like I said, I'm dealing, I know my mom's in this age group. I'M not saying everybody is not tech. Savvy in this age group, but I'm dealing with a lot of the population that didn't grow up with the things that I've grown up with and I'm 40. You know so it's a little bit of a different generation and I want to make it easy for my customer. Postables are in personable, okay, so postable is. They have to fill out a bunch of information and then it's your responsibility to make sure that when you copy and paste that that the information is correct, that you're sending it out to. Because guess what you send out that information and you transpose to numbers you're. Paying that shipping over again to that customer and then they're upset. So I make it very easy. You just send me your email address after the show, and then I can take care of you and throughout my show, I'm consistently saying. If new people come on, I introduce myself. I tell them that everything is five dollars: six percent Michigan sales tax, four dollars flat rate shipping. I just need your email address immediately following the show and you're all set, so I'd like to do things that make it easy for my customer to shop me right. So I started going live. I started putting these things into practice. Meanwhile, I find Lisa by mistake because remember how I told you, I friended all these consultants because listen, ladies, like people that have been doing this, they have like the best information to give you. Okay, Lisa - and I always tease her about this. I call her one of the dinosaurs because she's got those dinosaur pieces that are like, oh, like she has some great jewelry right and so Lisa has a wealth of information. She has done so many trainings. She has gone out of her way to seek out information to help other people, but I was doing it by reaching out to these other consultants. I had no idea how long they've been doing it. I did not like look for their live videos to see how many viewers they had, I know Lisa but you're younger than me, so you're, not really a dinosaur you're, just a dinosaur in the company. You have all this knowledge built behind you. I wasn't watching their live videos, I was just trying to take whatever and I could low and behold what happened was. Is they said to me? Have you ever seen? Lisa Abercrombie's youtube channel and I said no who's Lisa Abercrombie, so they sent me a link to Lisa Abercrombies video. I ended up seeing my sponsor go to Lisa's, live and buy from her, and that is how I indirectly found out, because I had talked to Lisa. Like I said I reached out to consultants to find out the ins and outs I'd, go, watch live videos over and over, because I watched a whole bunch of different consultants to find out what works and what doesn't work words, not to say like plastic. I do not say plastic, I don't think I think it's like a turn-off to me. It makes it sound cheap. It’s a bead. I tried to pick up key words. I still like. If I can't sleep, I go to a live video at two o'clock in the morning. Somebody - I don't even know I type in paparazzi, live jewelry show and I go watch right because I'm never the end-all. I never have all the information, no matter how much success that you reach, there's still more, that you can learn just like Lisa. She still goes out to seek new information to give and to make this job easier for other people. So the first thing was consistency, so I went on all my lives. I want to win that necklace. I want to win that necklace right so right and I started in September of 2017 and by December of 2017 when business starts to pick up right because those people that invest in their business and keep their business going. I also did that, according to Lisa told me to do that. Paparazzi Live Jewelry, Show, okay. That is very important to have right. In the title of your description, I've heard conflicting information, I'm going to tell you it's only worked well for me. I told my customers that I wanted to win this necklace. You know, and I bought jewelry like crazy at the time I was my whole goal was to get my name out there, because the more exposure that you get, the more chances you have to sell more jewelry. We have fabulous jewelry right. If you um yes B. That’s I'm going there right now if you ah constantly putting your name out there in every which way - and I didn't have all the tools at the time I didn't think of Pinterest - I didn't think of Instagram. I think that the first thing that my husband started was a Twitter. I don't even pronounce it right. So I think I did was a Twitter account and started saying things. But Twitter wasn't getting me a lot of things. Then he went into an Instagram. I got a lot of hits off of Instagram, but I decided when I started that I was going to. Do every Jewelry Show an event that I could I literally had months and months planned to do these and I started doing them I paid in advance. I we had, like, I think, 16 18 shows lined up, and then I had home parties as well, and what happened was is when you do those I had talked to Lisa on the phone and she had said you should take. If you can feasibly take 300 different pieces of jewelry with you to that show, um and so right away, I'm thinking! Okay, like 300! Well, here I had scheduled back-to-back-to-back-to-back show us. How do I know what's going to sell at that show if I sold 200 pieces - and I only had a hundred - how am I going to - do my live on Tuesday night and if I then had a home show, so I knew that I had to invest A little bit more money, I purchased the large pit, it made sense to me. It makes the jewelry two dollars and fifty cents apiece, which is what I can't buy it for in the back office. I knew about kit exclusives, because I did a lot of research about paparazzi and it also had the convention ticket, which makes the kit value if you added, like the amounts of the jewelry, actually seven hundred and twenty-five dollars. If you were purchasing it at two dollars and 75 cents and you had to purchase your convention ticket for 175, so it made the most sense to me, but because I had lined up all these shows. My husband and I put our heads together and we decided what we would invest over into the jewelry before I could like recoup right. So we invested an additional thousand dollars only because of the shows - and let me tell you my first uh my first home party. I made nine hundred and something dollars so that investment came right back right, but I never pulled my investment so reinvesting. This is what I'm saying: what ever you invest into your kit? Never go beyond your means, but know that the larger your kit is the more jewelry variety that you have, the more variety you have, the more markets that you can hit. So I learned this from all of Lisa's videos from watching other videos from talking to consultants, and so I said, okay, that's great, you know - and I wanted to have the variety, because I'm hitting all these different markets based on the shows that I was doing. I was doing retirement homes, I was doing vendor events, I was doing mom sales, and so I had them all lined up and I really didn't care about the size of the event how long it had been around, which is important to know. However, the way that I look at it if I did an event - and it was a low turnout - guess what there's a consultant selling something that's much higher that the price that is harder to sell. That has a lower Commission that they're paying for a website which paparazzi doesn't make us do, and so I use it as a recruiting tool to talk to other people about my business and all the rewards that you can get from paparazzi. But the key is: is being disciplined, you guys, so I hear a lot of people say when they recruit. Oh you'll, get your money right back out of that. Well, if you get your money back out of that you're cheating yourself, because you should really build and build and build your inventory in order to attract a larger market. If you are only targeting certain jewelry, then you're only hitting that market. So people said you buy the urban absolutely. Let me tell you what I sold the most of at Christmas urban. Let me tell you why I sold the most of it because consultants weren't buying it throughout the year and guess what their customers wanted it for presents for men, and so they didn't have the inventory to support it, and so what they would do is they would Come and they would buy a lot of my urban children's jewelry, there's consultants that do not buy the children's jewelry, so guess what they either came to buy it for me or their customers came to buy it for me because I buy it all through the year. Every piece of kids that comes out - I buy it because it's all about the variety and building your inventory people say well, how long do I have to keep reinvesting until I make money? How hard are you going to work, this business? Okay? How much do you want this exactly what Lisa said, how hard are you going to work, this business and people say well, how long does it take to do something like you're doing I'm like well, how dedicated are you and how consistent are you going to Be the harder you work, this business, the quicker that you can start pulling money out of it. You cannot invest in any company or start any business and exactly Jessica. You cannot start any business that I know of not one that is easily able to become successful. That without investing time and money into it - and this is a business right - we all have different goals. Exactly kids are sue. I can't tell you the amount of kids jewelry that I sell. I can't tell you the amount of Urban that I saw and the reason being is because some of you guys aren't selling it and your customers are looking for it. So my biggest word of advice is to invest in your inventory and I get people say why if I buy a large kit and what happens I there could be a lot of ugly jewelry in it because. I don't get to pick that right and one of my response to that is: I sell a lot of ugly jewelry, hey Vivian, hi Kristi exactly so. I tell people because this is what they say: I'm going to buy the small cat and then I'm going to buy jewelry. But after that one second, here we go so my explanation, jewelry that you like you, are only attracting a customer like you. So we have a product that has an awesome price point. We have the ability to hit a lot of markets, I guarantee, if you went out on the street and you passed by 50 people instead of you heard a paparazzi jewelry. How many do you think have actually heard of it? I'M guessing it's not. I know in Michigan it's not a very large amount. We don't have a lot of consultants in Michigan. So what I'm telling you is, if you build your inventory, if you make a vast selection, you attract a lot more customers because of it. So I hear a lot of excuses as to why you can't sell exactly right. So I live here in I'm about an hour outside of Detroit. I'M going to tell you here in Detroit, I'm not gon na sell a lot of turquoise crackle, I'm not! I'M not going to sell a lot of crackle stones, it's more of a southwest thing and, and you can get it based on culture, cultures purchase different jewelry, and so you know like me, I can't wear brass and copper. It doesn't look good with my very light. Skin tone, but those ethnicities that have a darker skin tone looks fabulous on them, looks gorgeous, and so you can't just purchase if I purchase for me this is what I would look like all the time. Sparkles right, not everybody is the sparkle person. Not everybody wants to look like Rainbow Brite when they go out. I do like I would wear rainbow glitter everywhere, so you have to have run its from Utah and they have one to large companies in Utah. That’s the thing they don't know about it. I would only be attracting Sparkle people. I would not have any men sales. I would not be selling children of jewelry, but let me tell you if you guys go home parties home parties. Are my favorite way to sell this jewelry? Okay, it's all about getting your name out in as many ways as possible, the Pinterest that interest program the twitter doing events. You know don't plan on events making a huge impact. However, it is giving you the opportunity to talk to other consultants and it of different companies and see what they do and let me tell you other consultants: they don't have it as good as us. Our company spoils us rotten and as soon as they hear it, and they know that we get new products, because that's one thing paparazzi does that nobody else does give a new product Monday through Friday. It’s huge right, so you literally like I want to tell you when I started doing this. I had six viewers on my lives, okay, that was in September and in December I had maybe twelve at the beginning in December. I grew that into 18. Exactly it's all about training them wherever you meet people, you need to train your customer where to find you again and how to find you again and when to find you and how to pay you and how long they have to pay you and how you ship. It’s all about training that customer, because you know listen, did you start this and know how to do it? So don't think that they're going to start buying from you, because it's kind of different for a lot of people in that age group to go purchasing from live sales. You think, oh my gosh, but I see people with all these viewers know. A lot of people discover you, because you're sharing that video you're having your customer sharing and that's why the business page is awesome, because you know that all their friends and their family can comment on that right. So I tell my customers what I wanted to do. As you say in December, I had no idea that necklace season came upon us in February. I kept telling my customers I want to do this and they're like oh, but someday you're going to want a necklace and I think yeah. It might be a couple years from now. You know, but I was growing and what happened was, as my husband got very ill, and I had to cancel a lot of events due to it. There was no way that I could take a whole day out of my time, and that was how my website was develop. You’ll see, oh, is the website. What did it for you? It isn't at the website. Okay, I can tell you can have a website. All you want, if you don't, have the jewelry to put on it. If you do not have a way and a client base to get your website started, there's a lot of websites on Google. I don't even I couldn't even imagine the billions of websites. Okay and you can't you have to get a customer base to it, so everything that I'm telling you right now is how I was able to build my website into what it is by going live by training. My customers, by consistently saying I have a website and so at the end of December I had pulled up to like 20 viewers. One show ever I had 75 because, and I talked to Lisa about it and she said that she thought that what Facebook did is make a like, especially with like they advertise me for free kind of thing, and I think the reason why is because at Christmas I was wearing the ugliest sweaters you could find they light up. I had all kinds of pizzazz going on Christmas lights. Everything you could think of, but I literally only had 20 viewers. So we know necklace season is starting in February right, the January 30th or February. First, at 12, am we're going to get that email, and it's gon na tell us what the qualifications are to make a necklace. And, ladies, I want to tell you and gentlemen, if there's gentlemen on here, that any of you can win a necklace if you put in the time, if you put in the effort, if you reinvest and have the determination to do it, you can do it. I had no network, I had no following. I had to beg people, friends and family call them on the phone. Don’t write a message: they don't respond to messages. Okay, how many notifications do you get about on your Facebook? You know a lot of people they get to their Facebook, they have 30 notifications, they don't go click all of them. They just click it to the notifications. Go away. I train my customers. I literally would create events and make them an announcement in my business page for my next live. Show Lisa taught me to have it posted on my business page in my jewelry group. My schedule right so if they didn't make it to those things that they saw it so it threw all of us. I had 20 customers, maybe in December right well, I started because I had the inventory and because a lot of people put their businesses and hold during December, meaning they aren't determined. They didn't set aside that money and they weren't disciplined. So, of course, Christmas gets tight right, we have presents to buy and everything else a lot of people did not make purchases dude during December because they were doing their Christmas, but I knew - and I had kept things separate because I was reinvesting in my business right - That initial investment I did not take out and the whole time I was buying quantities, and I want to talk a little bit about selling on your lives right because we can always people say well. I only have 10 people. Ok, are you getting the sales that you could be getting out of those 10 people, meaning? Are you doing it in a way that they are able to you're able to maximize your sales with those 10 people, while you're waiting for more to get more viewers or a bigger customer base, and how you do? It is several ways, a consistency right. You want them to be able to find you at a regular time and a regular basis. You don't I mean obviously don't go on if you're blowing snot out of your nose and your eyes are watering and you look sick because I don't want to get sick. I don't want the jewelry that you just touch to come to my house. You know and that's an understandable reason, but if it's because you just feel like blowing it off, then imagine if you're one of the cousins that just started everything that you built yourself up to that point. Even if you've been doing it a month and a half you just lost, because that Tuesday night that they set aside for you, it's like breaking plans with them. They’re going to go, find somebody else that Tuesday night, so you have to constantly be consistent. Now, when you are live well, it's true when you are live, the thing is, is how are you displaying your jewelry, so here's the biggest mistake that I see made and I'll tell you why I say this because I didn't I made the mistake. I wore jewelry that I loved right. We love those vintage pieces, those really hard to find ones. We’re like. Oh, like I love that thing. I'M gon na wear that on my life. Well, what happens the customers that are shopping from you? Are you ask you? Do you have any more of that? That’s beautiful, I love it, and what do you tell them? No, I don't have any more of it right now. I'M sorry like I don't have that. So what are they doing? They’re screenshotting you and they're messaging people to find out who has it? Oh, my gosh. Do you know where I can get this piece because they usually shop with more than one of us right, so you just basically sent your customer that would love to buy it from you to another consultant now. If that consultant is been working, their business and they are diligently buying and they have a huge variety and that consultant is like me - I say: oh um, are you looking for anything else? You know, because I buy every day I have a huge selection I'd hate to charge you four dollars for shipping for one item when they discover my collection and my vast variety, because I've built it into this, then usually they come start shopping with me. Exactly that's exactly that's exactly. I was going to say so, as I've learned and I process to grow my business. What I've learned is you'll see what I'm wearing right. Look it even when I'm talking to you. These are all pieces that I have that I could sell you right now. It’s like an implant in my head. You know when you show off that vintage jewelry, that you really love now when you're carrying your bling bag, guys because. If they see that necklace - and they say they love it, isn't it awesome if you can pull it out of that bling bag? When you wear that jewelry is when you go to convention when you go to EMP, you show it off to all of us, because you know that we have an appreciation for it. And you know it's awesome, but even when I go live to do a training, I am wearing something that you can come get from me right, this second, okay. So the first thing that I do during my life, usually you're waiting for people to come on. Here’s a big mistake that I see people do they wait 35 minutes to start their show right. They’re talking oh, hang on. Let me invite. Let me invite. Let me invite. Let me invite. Let me tell you, ladies, if you're doing that chances are you're losing customers. Okay, because I used to get so irritated as a customer waiting, I'd be like really. This is 35 minutes. This is 15 minutes. I just want to see jewelry. I don't have time for this, you know, and so that is imperative and a great time to get text alerts. You don't have to do that right. You send out one little click of the button and every time throughout your show, you're training them about your text alerts and how you can just get on text alert. Ladies, you love this stuff. I love this stuff get on my text alerts and I go live three times a week and you won't miss me because you'll get a text notification um. So I'm missing to invite them to your group. I talk about my jewelry group. My jewelry group does not run like a traditional jewelry group, but when it did, I did try to get them into my jury group. I told them. I had albums posted. I have more joy. You want to add on to your vim voice. I have more or if you always, ladies, you know you get that person. Okay. Only about one thing can I hold that till next show that's going to be dependent on you be so they'll always ask you. I have that one thing I say: well, you have one thing I don't do holds and this is completely we're all independent consultants. I can't read all of Lisa's statement, but I say I used to say you can join my Jewry group and you're welcome to add on to your invoice. I don't do holes, I'm sorry. I don't hold invoices. I just honestly with the amount of inventory I have. I don't have the space to hold orders jewelry processes through my house, like a machine like a machine in and out in and out in and out, and so you are basically read in the comments. Hi Tiffany, you are basically trying to process and build your sales. How we build our sales right? The other thing that I do you see me wearing jewelry like usually, if I do a live, show I'm going to be wearing more than this I'll have earrings in I'll? Have a wrap bracelet on I'll have two rings on. So I will basically have and show singles things that I have singles up to start off. My show right because I'm waiting for people to come on and that's a perfect time because then they can have the opportunity to not fight over it and it's a single and I have an opportunity to get rid of my singles. But I don't show anything on my life that I don't have multiples on. I will take like a little intermission. I’ll go. Oh I'll have some singles because they like seeing the old stuff from when I first started as a consultant, and so I will go ahead and I will do that so right after I do my singles, because I'm waiting for people to come on not everybody gets They’re, like oh, my gosh, they got the notification but they're in their car like five minutes to get home five minutes to get home, hey Rebecca, so not everybody can take the time you know and so you're waiting and usually your show, really picks up about 30 Minutes into it, so I spent about 15 minutes showing singles, so I'm not just sitting there in dead air and let's wait for everybody to get on. No I'm showing the jewelry at that time. Right then I mean I make I make sets. So this is the other key to purchasing inventory right, the biggest hang-up of somebody they may love that necklace. They might love this necklace that I never on, but the biggest hang-up to buying it for them is. I have any blue moon stones that match that right, and so you are buying jewelry you're buying large amounts of jewelry, because you want to build that inventory. If you sell 20 pieces and you're in the beginning stages, you should go buy 40. Okay, if you want to blow this business up - and you want to rack it um - my personal page is linked to my jewelry group. Is that how everybody doesn't know it's my personal preference and a part of that is having to do with having a website that ties to it and getting the messages through my website, I had and being the app that I advertise on my group for my website, Because my group doesn't run like a traditional group, so I'm a little bit different right. Lisa does not! So if you are now like because and the other mistake when you're showing sets here's the other thing, you're, not showing 40 necklaces in a row, then 40 rings in a row. Then 40 earrings in a row, because guess what? If they're, not an earring person and you're spending an hour long showing earrings chances are they're going to leave your live like I don't have any interest in earrings, I don't wear earrings. My ears aren't pierced if you, ladies, aren't buying clip-ons, because trust me. I have lots of customers that wear the clip buns. If you are not, you know, you're, like oh clip-ons or you know, they're like old, ladies out there they're not so the key is that you need to show them a good selection. You have to have them be able to say, hey, not say hey. I don't have anything that matches that, so I'm not going to grab that show them something that matches it beat you're on my team. Usually I do these, but I had a Dominican and everything else. I usually go live for my team every Sunday night, she's new to the team, and so she doesn't know that this is kind of the training that I do for my team. So what happens is that you are showing multiple items you're, giving the opportunity and guess what, if you guys, have that hot ticket item. If you have this and you absolutely love it guess what, when you show one item and you are showing it up to them right and then you had 12 people comment that they wanted it because your viewers are at 12 but you're buying onesies. So you just were lost out: I'm selling 12 pieces of jewelry in the same amount of time that it took you to sold one. So it's important to be able to purchase and multiplies as you build right. Everybody starts at different levels, and my motto is it's not about how much you buy it's about how hard you try and trying is by doing the things that I'm talking about, staying disciplined purchasing regularly purchasing, even what you deem is ugly. You know going live as much as possible, so it's important to then have your multiples right now. Let me tell you the biggest business grower, how I wished that I had signed up for this a long time ago. Fashion fix okay fashion fix is awesome. You know what customers love exclusivity, the fact that they can only get it from you, the fact that it's a pre-order, they love this guys. I'M telling you right. So I like a side. I found Lisa Layden late into my start and she had talked to me about fashion bags. Now people think oh well, that's just to stay active. No, I you build your fashion fix business. Okay plus it gives you another reason to go up. I don't just go. Live to show jewelry I go live to talk, I go live, I'm right. I know I had my notification and I'm, I know actually usually good. They mail it out today. So I'm telling you the importance of calling and getting on fashion, facts and I'll talk. A little bit about fashion fix in a minute too, so there are tools that you need to use to utilize. The customer base that you have now. I hear people say to me that I have like 11 customers and none of them will share. Are you giving them a reason to share? Are you telling them how to share some of them? Don’t know how to share and they're too embarrassed to say how do you share okay, you have to train your customer. Remember, train your customer, be consistent, sell in different ways, build your inventory, so I literally you have to train your customer and listen. You give them your best piece. I see people in their life. This is my sheer prize and it's like I would never share for that right. It’s that hostess reward that doesn't go away. You know you'll always get that one hostess reward right now: mine's petunia paradise, and so I constantly get that and what they do. Is that look and listen? If you don't think that every other consultant is trying to give away it between your paradise because they keep getting it in their hostess rewards, then you know you're mistaken, so give them something awesome to share for something that's going to entice them now. The other thing that you need to do is you need to engage with them. I call this and Lisa I had to check ID. You know every time I say at least that what Lisa said to me in my head, when I explained it to her stuck in my head, so I almost giggle when I say it, I swish my customers in a circle right. So, just like, I told you you're training your customers. When you do an event, are you getting them to get to your business page? Because guess what people that buy and once they take it home and they wear it and love it yeah, they might have lost your business card right. So this is what I trained people right. This is what I trained people to do. What do I do with them to me? That’s a treasure in six months, so I am in hostess reward craziness exactly you wear it. If you wear it, you can sell it because guess what if they didn't think about it when I was sitting on that bust, it looks totally different on you and guess what. Ladies these, these women they're like your friends and they begin. If they've shopped with you to trust you they begin to, like think, oh my gosh, I love her fashions that sense. They didn't watch you because they thought that you couldn't put jewelry on or that you didn't look good. You know, because they'll find somebody who doesn't look miserable with what they're doing and is smiling and enjoying themselves to watch. Well, you have to understand, there's a difference, because I I'll tell you guys right now. My PV is a hundred and twenty thousand I'm and by basically what that means is by the end of next month, I'll be double black diamond. So you have to imagine that I get double hostess rewards now and literally my hostess rewards take over house. If I processed them right away, then yeah, I would probably wear some on my live and show them, but literally I can't I like to go through and organize and put them all together. Just it takes me a whole day to separate them into necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Okay, this it's a big difference. You need to get them to engage with you that in Victoria, so you want to create things: hey guys, what'd! You do today and talk about yourself on your life. People want to engage with you, they want to know about who you are, and you could tell them something funny that one of your children did. Okay, like I can't tell you how many times that I'll get in a fight with my kids right before I get on a life, isn't that aggravating yes playing a game that requires them to comment? I also do because the here's, the funny thing guys the more shares that you get on your video, the more comments you get on your video, the higher you raise through Facebook analytics right. So you want your customers to be talking to you for that person, because you put paparazzi live Jewelry Show for that. Jewelry monster who's, an addict when they don't have their consultant live to find you by typing in that thing at the top, so you know I also do something that just invokes. You know. If you have nobody talking get them to talk. How do you get them to talk to you about a free piece? I will hold something up and I make the rule because I we all know what freebie chasers are um. I make the rule that any of my prizes, you do not have to purchase to win, because that would be against compliance. You cannot do a prize in contemplation of purchase. Okay, so I make my prizes. They all know in advance, like you, pay the four dollar flat rate shipping you're, more than welcome to any other prizes that I have and it's a four dollar flat rate shipping. If you win - and you just pay your invoice within 48 hours, like I require of all my other customers - guess what those people that would normally sit through a four hour. Jewelry Show for that $ 500 free piece of jewelry and then invite their whole family members on at the same time, so that they can try to win it too. They leave. They go find the consultant. That’s not charging the shipping because they want it free all. The way through right, yes, a lot of the members of my team, they do family feud and things of that nature. My audience has grown to a large enough size that it's very hard to play a game, and so what I will consistently do is I'll, say: okay, you know what I'm gonna give out this piece right here and I'll say pick a number between 50 and 75, exactly yes, it is because I have. I have email compliance. I have been questioned on that by a free, bead chaser, and it is our right to choose whether we charge tax and what we are going to charge for shipping. We just have to tell our customers upfront. Obviously you want to be fair to your customers, okay, so I get comments rolling by that and then I sometimes I'll create like I'll talk about whatever happened in my life like lo and behold. Ladies, how hard is it that every time and you have to talk about something that will strike somebody else right because your people are relating to you? That’s why they're watching you so guess what that the same things that are happening in your life is happening in their lives and only one will comment. So you know what I talk about. I talk about things that make them comment right, for instance, like I'll, have a slow show and then I'll think about something that happened to me during the day and it's hard because he's going to take a while for you to find a balance of talking and selling. It doesn't happen overnight. It didn't happen for me. I was a deer in headlights for the first two months. I'D get sick to my stomach to go live. I was very embarrassed. I was very shy and that was why I couldn't build my viewers, because I wasn't myself is right before I went on my life come on. Ladies, you know what you're the only one that changes that toilet paper roll in your entire house right. So how frustrating is it that every it's like you are deemed? I don't care if you have daughters in your house or anything, it's too much work for them to pull that toilet paper, roll out and put it on, and so when I say something, then all of a sudden all the women are like. Oh my gosh. They couldn't have been talking, my whole show, but that's something that eats at them too, like. Why is it us that do that and so um? Yes, so you or I'll talk about something silly that my kids, I'm reading, Lisa right, I'll teach him about something that I found is like phenomenal, like okay, my kids, they watch these YouTube videos of kids eating. I don't know they have like millions of views on them of kids, chewing cereal and so I'll talk about how stinking weird it is and how I can't understand why that that is entertainment. You know, so you talk about something. That’s just off the wall. It’s like bizarro that you think and all of a sudden people say it. Yes, my can't my customers always want to see my dog, because my dog is a beagle any Howl's. He has no bark. It’s oh, you know. Oh he's coming right now because I said that you hear him, so you have to find ways to engage with your customers. You might just not be talking about the right things and it could be awkward at first while buying is good right. That’s exactly what you want to do, but you want your customers to make a connection with you. How do you make a connection with them? You talk about your goals right, you say you talk about how your family you talk about. You know I don't get into specifics. I never talk specifically about my religion or church or politics or anything. That’s going to turn, people off, because your whole point is you want to attract as broad an audience as possible. So I do not have post most right, because that takes out the people that aren't tech savvy or it takes out the people that are paranoid because they're, like oh, my gosh, I'm going to answer all those questions in a pub. What is she going  Do with that information? I don't do you know, so you wanted to have things that are going to attract your large space. I do not play music in the background because, if I like you know techno music, I just wiped out, because I guarantee you most 45 to 65 year old women, you're, won’t find that they like techno, music, okay out of their age range. There wasn't even techno music around. It is risky with Facebook also and Facebook practices also going live on your actual personal pages risky. With Facebook, I used this business to support my family.

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