Diamonds in the Rough

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Who we are...

The phrase “diamond in the rough” is a metaphorical term that relates to the fact that naturally occurring diamonds look ordinary at first glance, and that their true beauty as jewels is only realized through the cutting and polishing process.  We refer to ourselves as diamond dolls/bros.  Some of us are shining brightly, while some of us are still in the rough!  But the beauty is there and waiting to be seen.  The reality is that diamonds are not just tough they are unbreakable!  This team is a group of fierce diamonds at varying phase of the cutting and polishing process.  Join us and begin your cutting and polishing process.

The reality is that many teams are looking for new consultants.  What makes our team different?  We are not just looking for consultants, we are looking for diamonds in the rough.  Dolls and Bro’s with visions, goals and potential to shine brilliantly.  What does the cutting and polishing process look like?

 Training as a part of the group and individually if needed (We have an elite leader and now to 2 Zi collect winners)!

 Sharing of videos (giving you access to viewers all over the country)

 Supportive group chat message that gives you access to another Doll or bro 24 hours a day!

 Sharing ideas (Dolls and Bro’s are not stingy, when we come with an idea we share)!

The Diamonds in the Rough business page was created to allow you to get to know each doll/bro and understood why we each took this endeavor.  Let me ask you something, Are you a diamond in the rough?  Want to meet us and hear our stories?   Follow us at

Evette Bean

Sunshine's Shimmering Accessories


Evette Bean

Hi my name is Evette (CID # 250558), also known as Sunshine's Shimmering Accessories

Why Am I a Paparazzi Consultant?

When I begin this process, I wanted to put away some extra money to buy a house.  This was my entire why.  But you know what? God had other plans for me.  My “why” has since evolved.  Now, my why is that I desire to help people feel good by selling them a little bit of affordable bling, while operating in my gift as an encourager (Exhortation).  As a part of my business in addition to getting wonderful bling you get a word of encouragement every Monday and Wednesday.  My why is now that I want walk in God’s purpose for me, which I believe will lead to financial freedom!

 Why Team Diamond Dolls? 

One day in October of 2018, I was on the troll for a wooden bracelet for my niece’s birthday.  I was Facebook stalking consultants to find it.  I ran into Marissa.  Not only did she have that bracelet, her website made me drool!  Soon, I started attending all of her live shows. I shopped with her and her shipping time was on point.  I knew that I wanted to sell this stuff, but I had at least one other consultant who was actively recruiting to me.  But I was drawn to Marissa. I believe it was New Year’s Eve when she did a video on talking about her “why”.  The next day I became a diamond doll!  This ladies integrity and work ethic drew me to her.  Her faith, it sealed the deal! 

Christina Jeter


Hi my name is Christina Jeter here to tell everyone this is the reason why starting paparazzi and why joining under the Team Diamond Dolls is the best decision. As a customer buying this jewelry, it led to three different consultants, which are all wonderful and getting to know them as well as the other customers has been truly amazing. You totally become a part of a family. One of the consultants has since left, but the friendship lives on. During the lives and the monster buying that was happening, it was time to decide whether to become a consultant or stay a customer. Other reasons for the decision are to get back on top financially and to know that this journey would not be alone, but to have people to encourage as well. To have a relief from the stress of daily life and, the best of all, to step out of the comfort zone.  One evening, Team Diamond Dolls, Marissa, was doing a live stream and helping Natasha, who was trying so hard to achieve a necklace. Any little bit helped, was what was being said, so I thought even if I just bought for the discount it would help. Talking and getting to know others is what this, as well as my full-time job entails, and it is great knowing people across the whole United States. With Paparazzzi and seeing how the Team Diamond Dolls interact as one big family makes this worthwhile, along of course with the gorgeous $5 jewelry. A team that is so caring, supportive, and helpful and the love this jewelry provides, whether as a customer or as a consultant, made it an easy decision. Starting out to buy at a discount and to help my higher up Natasha to get her awesome necklace was the most exciting part ever, and now here we are. There are no words to describe this company, this team and this wonderful family. Just how can anyone resist not to share this with others and have them come on board to see the best family there is out there. Less stress, more fun, all positive, and the love of a huge family along with this wonderful company who gives us every opportunity to feel beautiful and on top of the world.

Lisa Relation 

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Lisa Relation, and I am a Paparazzi Independent Consultant.  My consultant ID is 286556 and my Facebook Business Page is Lisa's Lovely Bling.

When I signed up to become a Paparazzi Independent Consultant, I only wanted to buy jewelry to feed my habit (Yes, I’m a jewelry monster), and since we get a 45% discount, I thought that was great.  I signed up under Natasha Coyne, who, by the way, is one of the 2019 Zi necklace winners Because I only wanted the discount I purchased the small kit.  This kit is $99 and contains 35 pieces of jewelry.

Fast forward to June 1, 2019.  I was accumulating more and more jewelry.  That’s when I decided to take the plunge and face my fear of going live.  I scheduled my first live for 6.20.19, and had 17 viewers and 17 purchases from that one live show.  My suggestion to anyone that may be interested in making this a business is to buy the large kit.  I had to buy more jewelry so that I could go live and not repeat the jewelry.  Lesson learned.

I chose this team, because I had watched Marissa (2018 Zi collection necklace winner) on several live jewelry shows.  The way she presented the jewelry was amazing.  She put sets together so that the customers didn’t have to think about what matches what.  I loved her enthusiasm, sense of humor, and the fact that she allowed herself to be vulnerable by sharing her personal story.  I also watched one of her training videos that suggested doing your research to pick a sponsor because it’s almost impossible to change your sponsor.  I say this because I had watched someone locally and I didn’t feel that I would have been a good fit with her and her team.

I was all ready to sign up under Marissa when she mentioned that one of her downlines was going for a Zi collection necklace, and if you just wanted to join for the discount, please sign up under her.  That was Natasha.  One of the winners of the 2019 Zi necklace.  The fact that Marissa was willing to give up a recruit to her downline in order to help Natasha to achieve her goal was impressive.

I feel that we are different from other teams in that The Real Team Diamond Dolls works collectively to build each other up and help each one of us achieve our goals.  However, we must have goals and be willing to put in the work.  We share each other's live events.  The team posts training videos as well as provide tips to every member of our team.  Our sponsors are always there for us.  We can even reach out to others on our team for help and advice.

Simply put our team stands for  BUILD EACH OTHER UP


E - Everyone matters

O - One for all and all for one

U - Under God


A - Aspire

T - Teach

P - Paparazzi

I -  Inspire

C - Caring

H - Have goals


L - Lift each other up

H - Help others

E - Enthusiasm


D - Diamond Dolls Forever



R - Reach Out



Carolyn Guelich
Consultant #218396

My Why:
I have been working in the corporate world as a litigation paralegal for almost 20 years.  And, prior to my career as a litigation paralegal, I was an active duty Marine in the United States Marine Corps, for 12 years.  I raised 3 children and am now a Nana to my 4-year-old grandson.  My husband and I are helping to raise our grandson due to his daddy passing away in September 2018.  My daughter is doing everything she can to raise him, however, it has been really tough for her to do it on her own.  In addition, my husband, Jeff, has been working for UPS for 35 years and is looking to retire at the end of January 2020.  I was looking for something that would help to supplement our income in his retirement.  And, I would eventually like to retire myself.  I would love for my husband to work by my side in this business, and I would love for the residual income from my business to help support my grandson when I am no longer on this earth.  Hence the name of my business:  P.S. I Love You Bling!  It’s like a love letter I will be writing to my grandson every month.

Why I Chose The Real Team Diamond Dolls:
I searched for a sponsor for a few weeks and actually reached out to 6 Paparazzi consultants and interviewed 5.  I asked each of the consultants the same questions during my interview with them.  The fourth consultant I interviewed was Lisa Abercrombie.  I really liked her a lot and enjoyed all of her YouTube videos/trainings.  I told her I had one more consultant to interview and she asked me who it was.  I told her it was Marissa LaRocque Kehrig.  She had only good things to say about Marissa.  She said she was driven and that she was growing her team.  She actually said Marissa was a force to be reckoned with and would be a good leader to learn from.  I interviewed Marissa after my interview with Lisa and really liked Marissa’s direct approach during our conversation – she had a no-nonsense, down to earth personality, and, I could tell she was driven.  That’s why I chose this team.  It was because of Marissa and the leader I believed I would have the most in common with, with regard to personality and directness.


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