The 5 questions to ask before you sign up with Paparazzi

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This is a transcription of a video from Marissa's youtube channel which can be viewed here

hi my name is Marisa Kehrig I'm an independent paparazzi consultant and the consultant ID is nine five seven one two and this video is going to be five questions you should ask somebody before you sign up under them selling paparazzi whoever you sign up under it is so important that you select the right person I get tons of messages a day asking me questions because people signed up under somebody that doesn't help them or doesn't sell anymore and so paparazzi once you have picked somebody does not allow you to switch your sponsor consultant so you want to make sure that you make the right choice off the get I hear people say well I was a loyal customer and you know she offered me and so being a loyal customer is great but this person needs to be willing to go the mile for you and with you because they are an investor in your business as a sponsor consultant we make 10 percent commission off of the people that we directly sponsor and that should be motivation for these ladies to consider themselves an investor in the person that they sign ups business so I wanted to go through five questions you should ask somebody before you sign up to make sure that you're getting the right person and you're not just doing this to be a loyal customer if you don't and somebody doesn't help you you will quit before you ever get started and I don't want to see that happen so they're kind of two-part questions and question one is is this a hobby or a business so you want to make sure that this person considers this a business if it's a hobby they could be something that they leave behind them later because it's just kind of for fun and giggles and then you want to ask them if they say it's a business well how many hours do you devote to this a week so I myself this is a business for me and I spend more than 40 hours a week because I want to because I want to build my business and I've done wonders with it so I do spend more time than forty hours a week but I love this and I really consider it a job except for the shipping that's a job number two how long have you been selling paparazzi and what are your achievements so for instance for me when you answer that question I'd say well in the first ten months of me being a consultant so I started in September of 2017 I had sold 40,000 pieces of jewelry I had a new life of the party rank named after me or not named after me created for me and six other girls because we had the highest sales within the company of over two hundred thousand consultants and then I would also say that I won the contest to have A Zi collection piece named after me and I've also won a trip for two to the Dominican Republic so that all of that is done with that under ten months and so you want to gauge the person's performance by what they're able to tell you back number three what are your goals now if a person doesn't have goals then they probably aren't going to go very far in this company and paparazzi gives you all kinds of incentives to sell jewelry to sign up consultants and to do your very best and so if this person doesn't have a goal to reach any of the ranks or get any of these achievements then it's probably not a person to sign up under then I had number four is what size kit should I buy and why so the first thing that I say to consultants or people that are interested in becoming a consultant is well what is your goal for this is your goal to start this as a hobby is this your goal to start this as a business are you looking for the discount and that is how I choose to answer so if they say that they don't have the funds to start with a large pit because I always recommend the large pit the more variety the more jewelry you are going to sell so if they try to tell me they don't have enough to start with the large K and they don't have a start enough to start with the medium K I let them know that if you have oodles and oodles and oodles amount of time then you can start with the small kit but it takes so much longer to start making a profit and you're basically chasing yourself around in a circle because you have to reorder jewelry right away then you have to wait for that jewelry to come in to sell it is it impossible no nothing is impossible okay I'm a firm believer in that so I usually tell them to save up their money and get the large cut now if you look at the kit sizes and what they offer the large kit gives you 200 pieces of jewelry and that would add a consultant price cost five hundred and fifty dollars so you're saving $50 right there and the large kit also gives you the convention ticket which is worth one hundred and seventy five dollars so when you and your Zi collection when you get your crown or tiara you need to go to convention to get that stuff so if this is something you want to run at and you want to jump off the ground you are gonna need to go to convention once you hit these goals and achievements and that convention ticket is worth a hundred and seventy five dollars so not only are you getting five hundred fifty dollars worth of jewelry you're also getting a hundred and seventy five dollar convention ticket save up it is worth the wait and the number five I would ask them are you going to be able to help me get my business off the ground and how so I have a team group for the all the consultants that I've signed I also walk them through the process of what a business page and a like page are and or I'm sorry a business page and a jewelry group is I tell them how to go live where to go live I have instructional tools on how to order how to navigate the paparazzi website how to ship I have a sheet that I have for consultants that tells them what to do while you're waiting for your kit I also have started a group for my consultants to go live in that we've all shared our customers in to because we all build each other up so our team is awesome I like to offer incentives to them I have a great upline and that's important too didn't do this all by myself I signed up under the right person and I tried and I worked my business which is what everybody is going to have to do but I do give you the tools you just have to do the work to get it off the ground so I hope I answered any questions if you are looking to join paparazzi I'm happy to answer your questions I love love love this business and paparazzi is an excellent consultant or an excellent company and it does excellent things for us consultants I can't believe their generosity and their genuine genuine care for us so if you have any questions please feel free to message me or find me on facebook by Marissa Kehrig and my business is called Marissa's bling on a budget thank you so much bye-bye

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  • Thank you for your trainings! I am new, I’ve been a consultant for 5 months and I wish I knew the questions to ask before I signed. Everything I am learning is on my my own watching videos. I do lives 3 evenings a week and love it!!! And I am learning new ways to reach people. Thank you again.
    Cindy Powell
    ID 252171

    Cindy Powell on

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