10 Tips for New Paparazzi Consultants

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  1. Don’t be a doormat.

*You want customers, but you don’t want to be taken advantage of. Don’t hold jewelry for anyone.

*Don’t let anyone be rude to you


  1. Be consistent

*Pick a day and time to go live and stick to that schedule. You wouldn’t go to a store that kept changing their hours. For you to build your audience they have to have a set time to find you


  1. Buy Jewelry

*You can’t keep showing the same pieces over and over again. The audience you gained will not want to see the same pieces over and over again so all the work you did to gain them will be out the window.


  1. Get yourself out there

*You need to have business cards. Get familiar and create profiles on other social media platforms. Ie Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc


  1. Go Live

*The fastest way to grow is by going live. You can get across the United States in seconds vs. how long it will take for your business card to the opposite side of the country.


  1. Be presentable

*Do your hair and makeup if you wear it. Don’t over dress.


  1. Engage

*Make conversation. Find out who your audience is and what they are all about. It’s like the song. Anyone can be a jewelry robot and just sell. You are now in the people business and that means letting people know who you are also.


  1. Don’t give away the farm

*You may feel that if you give a bunch of jewelry away it will get you a good crowd. However, it gets you people who want things for free. You want buyers not freebie chasers.


  1. Don’t expect to much to soon

*You may be upset to have 3 viewers for the first month, but it takes time to cultivate an audience. The more consistent you are and the harder you work at this the faster you will grow.


  1. Be brave

*Try new ideas to get results. Watch training videos for ideas or aha moments. All new things can be uncomfortable when we first try them.

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