Jennifer Meyer - Diamond of the Month!

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****************CONTEST ALERT******************


I have a lot of stars on my team, and I have chosen to recognize someone each month. Jennifer Meyer was an easy first choice!

Jennifer is a person that always choses to be positive. When she speaks people listen and take action. She inspires the masses, but always has time for the little people. Jennifer constantly seeks out new tools to better herself and help those around her. Although Jennifer has a full time job and a family at home she is consistent in working her business and does it with a smile.

To show how much I appreciate Jennifer being on my team I’m hosting a contest for this month in which I will give away 10 exclusive pieces to one lucky winner. Please like her business page for one entry, and if you would like 2 entries please share her business page. Once you have finished please comment below liked, or liked and shared. Drawing will be held live July 31st. If we can boost Jennifer’s page to 1000 likes I will give out 2 summer packs to 2 individuals.


Here is a link to the contest where you can win exclusive jewelry just by liking her business page

"Becoming a mom at the age of 19 pushes you in one of two directions. Living off others, or starting your adult life quick and standing on your own two feet. I chose the second. In a “fog” I call it, I worked my way up the corporate ladder of my job at the time and reached goals extremely fast, being the youngest to do so. 12 years later I looked around at my life. The “fog” was me missing my daughters childhood which was flying by. I let work consume me. While working and trying to be a good mom, I started secluding myself from the world, my only “out” would be paparazzi jewelry live videos. The obsession then started. Then the thought “I can do this, and it sparks joy in me”. I could not let another day pass in my fog - I had found something that sparked a light in me, made me happy to “work”. Shortly later, I stepped down after 16 years of hard work up the corporate ladder, a finalist for my “dream job”, back to a position that wasn’t as consuming. Now I have a goal of a new dream job, and I plan alongside my family (who are a big parts of this) to work as hard as before to make this my only income, to be able to be home all the time, and never ever enter a fog again." - Jennifer Meyer

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  • Jen!!!!

    Shared this and liked your page! Here’s to you blasting to the top girl!!!!

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